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Born in the mountains of NE Tennessee in 1947 Graduated in Forestry and Working on the Hupa Indian Reservation. Live with Curenderos in Mexico in 1973 and spent two days and one night with Maria Sabina. Wrote the Book SACRED MUSHROOM RITUALS THE SEARCH FOR THE BLOOD OF QUETZALCOATL. Facebook Group. Sacred Mushroom Rituals And Ceremonies.

September 21, 2020, 08:00 PM

PreColumbian Sacred Mushroom Rituals and Ceremonies Day Long Intensive

A talk by Tom Lane
Author, Sacred Mushroom Rituals

Noon to 5pm Pacific

The PreColumbian Nahua Mesoamerican Indigenous Culture of the sixteenth century left two Guides to the Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of the Deified Heart that are available to us today as Guidance for Sacred Mushroom Rituals and Ceremonies. The Yuta thono Mixtec Mushroom Codex Pictographs on Deerskin and The Three Four Sided Sculptured Basalt Steles of Xochichimilico . The Ancient Sages called Tlamatinime,men, and Tetonalti created the unique metaphysics of the Teotl. This metaphysics was based on BEMUSHOOMED TIME/ SPACE as unmasking the disguises of Reality. These two detailed PreColumbian Artifacts presents an amazing guide to taking Sacred Mushrooms in a ceremony known as the Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of The Deified Heart . The pictographs and carved steles presents how to dress and prepare for this event. The means of consuming the Living Just Picked Sacred Mushrooms with honey is outlined in detail. These ancient indigenous Nahua Mesoamerican Artifacts totally agree with the little we know from the early Spanish Scholars but due to anthropological evidence if the Nahua Hieroglyphs enable us to participate in this ancient Toltec Indigenous Ceremony.

  • The PreColumbian Metaphysics of the Teotl : Emanations and Awareness within Sacred Mushroom Ceremonies and Rituals * Using PreColumbian Codexes, Motifs, and Steles to understand MesoAmerican BEMUSHROOMED TIME/SPACE in Sacred Ceremonies * Understanding Olin~Malinalli~Nepantla Energy Ascending and Descending Reciprocating Bemushoomed Emanations * BeMushroomed Ceremonies of the Tlamatline Sages for healing, divination and using The Disembodied Eye * Why Daytime Veladas in Nature are essential in understanding Teonanacatl Shamanic Processes * Resurrection and Rebirth Physically and Spiritually in the Yuta thono Mixtec Mushroom Codex and the Three Xochimilico * Malinalco Temple of the Jaguar and Eagle Knights Initiation in The Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of The Deified Heart * Maria Sabina's Link to PreColumbian Nahua Metaphysics and Sacred Rituals * Quetzalcoatl's Avatars - how to joyously embrace them without fearlessly as comrades * Why "Dosage" is irrelevant to understanding how to consume Sacred Mushrooms in Ceremonial Rituals * Tao Te Ching and the Teotl : The essential Metaphysics that are relevant to understanding Nahua Bemushomed Time/Space * Spiritual Vagrancy on earth and the Sacred Mushroom Ceremony of The Deified Heart for meeting Quetzalcoatl * Questions and Answers will follow each Title

Suggested Study for the Session: on Youtube James Maffie Aztec Philosophy 31 minutes -- James Maffie Aztec Philosophy Part 2 24:40 minutes

Aztec Philosophy Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ONLINE Free --- under Videos/Podcast Free

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