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Dr. Tolga Yenilmez has been active as a sound healer, musician, shamanic practitioner, author, and doctor of Physical Therapy. He holds a Certificate for Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Research from California Institute of Integral Studies, a doctorate for Physical Therapy from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science for Physical Therapy from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Medicine. His path as a musician started in Istanbul, Turkey in 1994, and since then he has composed, recorded, toured and performed in many projects and albums. ​ He started his shamanic path and training in Turkey in 2001, as an apprentice to Guler Akhun. He has expanded his practice by adding methods from shamans of ancient Mexico, shamans of Tuva from Asia, shamans of Turkish lineage and the Andean region of Peru. He currently works with sound healing practices from North and South America, Asia and Turkey- using a sequence of flutes, drums, rattles, stringed instruments, mouth harps, singing bowls, and electronic sounds. He also incorporates trance postures and movements to facilitate deeper shifting of awareness into non-ordinary states for the purpose of healing and inner explorations. He is the co-author of the book "TORA: Opening Secrets of the Tarot".

September 20, 2020, 10:15 PM

Sound as the Fifth Element: Using Live Sound During Plant Medicine Sessions

A talk by Dr. Tolga Yenilmez
Sound Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Author, Four Mountains Sound Healing, Bridgewrights Integrative Therapies

This presentation teaches practical methods to use personally, or with others during plant medicine experiences. Introducing some simple yet highly effective instruments that anyone can use, the presentation will also teach methods to use in couples work, opening and closing methods, and discuss using sound to open various portals during a ceremony. You do not need to be a musician, anyone who can exhale can make use of these methods.

Everything in nature is composed of 3 elements: Water, Earth, and Air. The 4th element of Fire is energy that is hidden inside these 3 elements, and becomes visible when it is activated, sometimes in the form of electrical energy such as lightning (fire hidden in water).

The 5th element is sound. Anything that is alive is something that vibrates and therefore has sound. The river, the fire, the electrons circulating around an atom... all express this vibration.

As humans we are containers of many sounds, many vibrations. Sometimes we are out of alignment, out of tune. And sometimes we need to resonate- to align with another vibration to grow and expand. When we meditate inside a container of a sound, our energy fields align with the sound and the sound becomes a seed. A seed that blooms into the growth we seek.

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