Entheogens in Christian Art: Wasson, Allegro and the Psychedelic Gospels

A talk by Jerry B. Brown PhD
Coauthor , The Psychedelic Gospels

September 22, 2019, 07:00 PM

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About this talk

Based on stunning photographs of psychoactive mushrooms found in churches and cathedrals in Europe and the Middle East, this presentation documents original research on the presence of entheogens in early and medieval Christian art. After making the surprising discovery of a sculpture of an Amanita muscaria mushroom in Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, my wife/coauthor Julie and I set out to investigate the presence of entheogens in Christian art: in frescoes, illuminated manuscripts, mosaics, sculptures and stained-glass windows. At the churches and cathedrals studied, we utilized an interdisciplinary approach combining in-depth anthropological field work with art history, church history and ethnobotany.

The key results are threefold. First, we found compelling evidence of sacred mushrooms (both Amanita muscaria and Psilocybe) in Christian art in religious centers as diverse as small parish chapels (France), high holy places (England and Germany), early basilicas (Italy) and remote cave churches (Turkey). Second, based on these findings we proposed the “Theory of the Psychedelic Gospels,” which argues that Christianity has a psychedelic history. Third, these discoveries resolve the epic controversy between ethnobotanist R. Gordon Wasson and philologist John Marco Allegro, which has cast a long shadow over the study of entheogens in Christianity. These results are significant ̶ and controversial.

If the theory of the psychedelic gospels is validated, the scientific and religious communities will have to rethink the history and perhaps even the origins of Christianity. For this reason, in The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity (2016), we call for the establishment of an Interdisciplinary Committee on the Psychedelic Gospels in order to document and evaluate the presence of psychedelics in Christian art.

This presentation will discuss the implications of the Psychedelic Gospels for the role of psychedelics in world religions; for psychedelic sacraments in Christianity; and for entheogens and the future of religion.

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Jerry B. Brown PhD

Antioch College, B.A., Philosophy and Religion, 1965; Cornell University, Ph.D., Anthropology, 1972; Florida International University, Founding Professor of Anthropology, 1972-2014.

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