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Ayana Iyi the wife of the late great Kilindi Iyi, is a Detroit native and has realized that her journey as a High Crone Warrior Priestess is a journey if wisdom, innerstanding and truth. As a visionary in her community throughout the U.S and Europe she inspires women to reclaim their birthright as goddess warriors and divine mothers. Through counsel, tarot and Entheogenic ceremony but most importantly by divine example. Ayana works effortlessly to provide spiritual guidance for all her sisters and daughters, by showing that total acceptance of love, and knowledge of self is her code. Profundity, intelligence, silence and truth allows one to stand in their truth. Ayana Iyi is a modern day witch with ancient sensibilities and many testify to the fullness, depth and passion Ayana brings to the psychedelic community.

September 18, 2020, 02:00 AM

Entheogens and Enhancing the Magik in you. Stirring the Pot with Ayana Iyi

A talk by Ayana Iyi
Detroit Psychedelic Community

Join Ayana Iyi and discuss magik , sacred sex and losing the fear of death through the use of psilocybin. Becoming one with nature is the precursor to losing ones fear of death. Mushroom orgasms! Its a thing! Your magik is innate and waiting to be released through the use of Psychedelics.

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