Pedro Vadhar

Pioneer medicine music composer and productor from the 90's with his band Cielo y Tierra, initiated by elders from several cultures, including mazatec shaman.

Music productor
Producciones Cielo y Tierra

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The First Journeys to Huautla - A Medicine Music trip

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This testimony is the first chapter in the life of a young man who originally opened to this culture in order to heal his wounds and resulted in his move to buy a piece of land in these mountains, build his own Mazatec style home and to stay for years to live a process that would change his life and deeply influence his musical compositions. This testimony is also an attempt to remind us of the sacred awareness in the use that was given to these mushroom medicine as well as its importance in the life of any person to perceive the intention of existence. The original intention that we as human beings have the desire and need to discover their own mystery in relationship with the Great Mystery that It influences all that is. To understand the meaning of the creator with our own creative nature, in balance with the universe itself. Finally to rediscover our own capacity for perception more beyond the ordinary senses and maybe begin to understand that This is the original inheritance that Great Spirit has given us. This could ultimately be the return to paradise lost, the philosopher's stone that has existed within ourselves since the beginning of time. This may be a state of consciousness capable of replacing our ancestral need control, to be able to thrive through who we are rather than through what we have. This testimony will be accompanied by the music that Pedro Vadhar produces and composes and with some images and video of the Mazatec highlands and the healers of this region where the culture, tradition, and knowledge of the sacred mushroom plant psilocybin has been maintained since ancient times until today.

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