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Acaciea Lewis

Acaciea Lewis

Acaceia is is the daughter of a master esoteric mathematician who originally shared with her what he considered to be the oldest mathematical languages of the universe. Acaceia has studied quantum physics and performed upper level undergraduate research in physics from a very early age; though she has found ways to apply this knowledge as an explorer of novel states of consciousness, sanatana ​consciousness, and in forming deeper understanding of the esoteric science of the vedas, somatic texts, the Ifa texts and some texts related to early christianity. Acaceia is also a plant medicine alchemist, mycologist and history buff who through experience in realms of quantum consciousness and spiritual awakening, has merged the education of her early development in quantum numerical analysis and quasi energetic states to develop a solid understanding of the infraparticle world as experienced through her ancestors eyes and share it with accuracy through modern terms so that others can understand what it can mean for our day-to-day conciousness. Acaceia specializes in copper and electromagnetic sculptures, has an affinity for martial arts and Orisha dance and crystal alchemy. Acaceia is currently working towards continuing research of shipibo icaro song, the practice of the vajrakilaya mantra and is currently completing research of her original path in antediluvian vibrational arts of language and quantum communication.

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